The Basement Tapes / 地下室(ザ・ベースメント・テープス)


Odds and Ends / ガラクタ

Orange Juice Blues (Blues for Breakfast) (Richard Manuel)

Million Dollar Bash / ミリオンダラー・パーティー

Yazoo Street Scandal (Robbie Robertson)

Goin’ to Acapulco / アカプルコに行って

Katie's Been Gone (Manuel, Robertson)

Lo and Behold!

Bessie Smith (Rick Danko, Robertson)

Clothes Line Saga

Apple Suckling Tree

Please, Mrs. Henry

Tears of Rage (Dylan, Manuel)

Too Much of Nothing

Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread / いいぞ!ずっしりとパンのボトル

Ain't No More Cane

Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood)

Ruben Remus (Manuel, Robertson)

Tiny Montgomery

You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere / きみはどこにも行かない

Don't Ya Tell Henry

Nothing Was Delivered

Open the Door, Homer

Long Distance Operator

This Wheel's on Fire (Danko, Dylan)